Rules & How to play

How to Play
We have created a short easy to follow video outlining the basic mechanics of how to play football on our server, you can watch it below.

If you need help on the server feel free to message a member of staff, these players will be visible with a "MOD" or "ADMIN" tag.
If you would like to get in contact with us feel free to message us on discord or email us at


1. Keep your account secure
Account security is your responsibility, you should never share your account to anyone for any reason. Make sure to always have a strong and unique password for all of your accounts. Do not use accounts that you did not purchase from

2. Do not spam
Do not participate in “spammy” or “trolling” behaviour that is inherently disruptful to FootballMC or other users.

3. Treat other users with respect
Do not participate in or encourage rudeness, abuse, discrimination/racism, or harassment of other users. All members of our community have a right to be respected and partake in an enjoyable experience. Do not continue to try and interact with users after they have made clear they do not want to continue talking to you anymore.

4. Do not use inappropriate language and/or create inappropriate content
We want to offer users of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to interact with all users on the network without being exposed to inappropriate content. This includes profanity, slurs, abbreviations, or any other content that is not appropriate for children of all ages.

5. Do not make threats or recommendations of violence or malicious activity towards FootballMC or other users, or partake in such activities
Malicious threats or wishes of harm of any kind towards any user are not permitted, even as a “joke”.

6. Do not abuse our platform to advertise external servers, websites, or services
We explicitly filter links and IPs to services that may not be advertised on our platform. Do not attempt to circumvent our filters or actively promote/redirect users to check out content outside our approved platforms.

7. Do not attempt to use our platforms for the purposes of engaging in any sort of transactions or scamming
Do not attempt to use our platform(s) for the purposes of engaging in the exchange of any goods/items outside of approved giveaway purposes. Any attempt to scam users is not permitted.

8. Do not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property
Plagiarising content without permission and/or giving appropriate credit is not permitted.

9. Play fairly, don’t cheat
Do not use any type of modification to the Minecraft client that allows you to have an advantage over others are not permitted. This can include hacking, unapproved modifications, etc. Additionally, do not use any flaws in the way a map is designed, bugs that you find in mechanics of the server/client, exploit means of gaining statistics, etc.