Welcome to FootballMC - Minecraft Football Minigames Server

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What is FootballMC?
FootballMC is a football server with a unique new football game mode unlike anything ever seen before.
A place for football fans all over the world to come together and compete competitively and for fun.

Why should you join?
If you're interested in Football or would like to try out a new Minecraft game mode then FootballMC is the perfect server for you.
The football mechanics on our server are easy to learn yet hard to master allowing a large progression tree throughout our ranked game mode.
Join the community and create a team with your friends to compete in regular tournaments and win big prizes.
Given the competitive and ranked nature of the server you can expect no P2W and all upgrades are purely cosmetic.
As a newly launched server we are constantly taking on feedback from our players so we shape the best possible server for the community.

Sounds great! How can I join?
You can connect to FootballMC with versions 1.12.1 - 1.16.4
The IP: play.footballmc.com
Our website: https://www.footballmc.com
Our discord: www.discord.footballmc.com
Rules: https://www.footballmc.com/pages/rules
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Not open for further replies.